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04 May 2011 @ 01:02 am

❦ basics
name:  Sinbad
age: 27
Gender: Male
Movie/series: Sinbad: The Legend of Seven Seas
year or position: Teacher's Assistant 
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): Spike, his dog.
Powers(if any): Being a boss.

❦ In depth:
Personality:  Sinbad is a very proud, cocky pirate. He doesn’t seem to care too much about speaking his mind and usually gets into a lot of trouble for it. He’s quick with words and holds little to no regrets after they are spoken. The odds of him dropping an argument are slim to none. Getting the last word in always seems to appeal and he just likes winning. Sinbad will stand by his original words and it will take a lot of convincing to prove to him that he may be wrong.

Despite his irrationality, Sinbad is full of jest. Many of his insults are light-hearted unless he’s reached a snapping point. If he’s comfortable enough with a person, he’ll openly joke or pick at them in a friendly way. This is seen a lot particularly with Kale. Sinbad also uses his humor to go around any deep feelings that might be getting to him. He rarely goes into things that are bothering him, especially if it’s with someone he isn’t very familiar with. He laughs off most of his feelings (particularly sadness). If he doesn’t like someone, the jokes aren’t meant to be so funny.

Sinbad tends seek thrill and excitement in situations most would cower away in. He thrives for adventure and will take on just about anything that calls to him. He doesn’t mind being the first to dive into something that might bring him pain and thralls in the risk that comes with it; he’s ready to fight himself out.

Being a generally smooth-talker helps when one is a pirate, but once Sinbad develops any type of attachment, his words are real. He truly wants to be there for anyone he cares about that needs him. The last thing he wants to do is let them down, and so he goes to many extremes for this handful of people. He knows he can’t make everyone happy, but he would like to at least appease those who have had his back.
AU Background: Sinbad had been traveling overseas for as long as he could remember. As time went on, his crew seemed to drift apart, leaving him on his own. The mist was spreading, and even though he didn’t let on, he was starting to get worried. Until one day his ship docked at a certain Academy…
Classes: N/A
Clubs: N/A
Best Subject: Geography/Navigation; Seamanship 
Greatest Fear:  His greatest fear lies in letting those close to him down. This is seen a lot with Proteus and how he tries to constantly prove himself. He wants those he cares about to know he cares and that he would risk anything for them. Disappointment in him is not something he generally likes, and it hurts all the more with people he wants to make proud.
How long have they been at the school:  Less than a year.
Relationships with other characters:  N/A

❦ Permissions
Kissing/hugging/etc: Encouraged , moreso by women unless he's close to you.
Injuries:  I prefer there be a plot; message me for detail!
Killing:  Noo thank you.
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.:  All consented, please.  Mindreading I'm really iffy with, but if something's planned it can be arranged.  As for memory wiping, I'd like him to at least get it back at some point.